Apache SuperSet Architecture And Features Infographic

The first time i installed Apache SuperSet i realized how heavyweight it is. There are two main docker compose files to run, containing either 10 or 6 services, that leads to tons of settings.

To better understand the bigger picture, i made a visual schema, something like a cheat sheet as it helps in exploration and memorization.

Going through all the UI pages, i put the features on an according layer, making an overview structured. SuperSet is built on the idea of layers, with dashboards assembled by Charts, Charts assembled by Datasets, and Datasets being tabular data in the dataset-centric approach .

The Infographic

The picture is intended to be a quick overview, making people familiar with the visual and functional parts of Superset. It isn't an explanatory view, but a list of capabilities stacked up as layers.

The things are simplified as most as possible, take the picture as a quick starter.

Table of content
  1. The Infographic